UK Lotto Syndicates

Improve your chances of winning Lotto

Why UK Lotto Syndicates?

UK Lotto Syndicates has been set up to give all Lotto players a greater chance of winning the UK's National Lottery jackpot. By being in a syndicate you massively improve your odds of winning a large prize. As stated by the National Lottery, 1 in 4 Jackpots are won by syndicates. We aren't going to promise you guaranteed millions, just a better chance at some decent returns. You don't have to join any sort of pyramid selling scheme or recruit new members, you just pay your subscription and relax.

How it works

Each syndicate plays 18 numbers over 42 lines. If 6 of the syndicates 18 numbers are drawn, the syndicate is guaranteed a winning line of at least 4 numbers. Each syndicate has 49 members. Each member purchases a 12 week membership of the syndicate. Membership is £29 for each 12 week period. This buys you an entry in to 24 lottery draws (Wed and Sat) for 12 weeks. You will have a share in 42 lines each week, making a total of 1008 entries for just £29.

At the end of the 12 week period, all winning will be equally shared and paid out. In the case of a Jackpot, winnings will be paid as soon as possible.

The Big One

We are also trying to find members who would like to join "The Big One". The idea of this syndicate is to play all the numbers with a unique prize sharing idea. Each syndicate has 49 members. Each member is given a number from 1 - 49. We play all the numbers (1-49) over 163 lines. Each draw we are Guaranteed a winning line of at least 3 numbers, yes, every single draw!

And here's the unique selling point as they say. On small wins, less than a £1000, the member who matches their membership number with the bonus ball wins the the total prize fund for that draw! So one syndicate member will win every single draw!

12 week membership of this obviously costs a lot more than the previous syndicate but as one member wins every single draw, over a year you should on average win 2 prizes! The cost to enter this is £96 per 12 week period. This works out at £8 per week, which is great value considering someone is going towin a min of £10 every draw and you get to play 163 lines each draw. That's 3912 entries over 12 weeks for just £96.